About Us

Dr Stephen Simonds founded Simonds Health based on his experience as both a doctor and personal trainer.

During his days as a medical student, Stephen decided to fuel his passion for an active lifestyle by working as a personal trainer. During this time he saw first-hand the enormous contribution the fitness industry made to people's health. He loved that the fitness industry focused on the prevention of disease. This complimented the medical profession perfectly, and Stephen's vision was born; that fitness and medical professionals would work side-by-side in delivering a higher standard of preventative medicine to the public.

While working as a personal trainer, and later as a doctor, Stephen recognised a disturbing trend. The majority of people were completely unaware of where their health was at and what risks they may be facing due to their unhealthy lifestyle. And despite his passion for preventative medicine, Stephen found it very difficult to clearly communicate this message to his patients within the confines of a busy clinic.

In 2007, Simonds Health was created with the sole purpose of improving the way preventative medicine was delivered to the public. With this vision interACTIVE health portal was developed, which was launched in 2010. interACTIVE is now at the core of all Simonds Health services. We are confident that interACTIVE will not only lead to better preventative medicine, but will also enable fitness professionals to work closer with doctors and other allied health professionals in order to get the best outcome for their clients.

Simonds Health is passionate about bringing every person's health into the spotlight. We will motivate, educate and activate people towards a healthy lifestyle. We think this is a big step towards solving the lifestyle disease and obesity epidemic that is sweeping the world.


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