Consulting Service

Simonds Health combines professional staff with its cutting-edge technology to offer you the most exciting corporate health packages available.

Our team of doctors and health professionals use our interACTIVE health portal to provide a service that is truly unique. All of the Simonds Health products are powerful and scientific at the same time as being incredibly interactive, motivational and enjoyable.

Our services include access to a personal online portal (accessed via your own website/intranet site). This portal allows your team to login at any time to access their results, track their progress and stay motivated along their journey towards a healthier life.

We come to you. All of our services are designed to be carried out on-site. It is our intention to create as little disruption to your business as possible. The only impact we want to make is on the health of your staff.


LifePROFILE Consult

The LifePROFILE Consult is a 30min lifestyle consultation. Your employee will receive a comprehensive lifestyle assessment, as well as tailored reports, advice and education in order to completely renovate their life.

motivAGE Health Assessment

The motivAGE Health Assessment is a 30min biological age assessment. Your employee will receive invaluable motivation when they discover how old they are on the inside.

The motivAGE Health Assessment distinguishes itself from other health assessments by providing tailored advice, reporting and education immediately following the assessment. All of these results are available via the online portal. Your team members can login at any time to view their results, access their advice and learn more about areas of their health that need improving.

LifePROFILE + motivAGE

Combine the LifePROFILE consult and the motivAGE Health Assessment into one 45min session. This is the ultimate health and lifestyle assessment.

6-Week motivAGE Challenge

This 6-week lifestyle program is guaranteed to motivate your team into the best shape of their lives. Each team member will be thoroughly assessed, educated and guided towards a healthier life. To keep the competitive juices flowing, prizes will be awarded to the members with the best results (reduces their motivAGE the most) at the end of the 6 weeks.

Please contact Simonds Health in order to receive more detailed information about our consulting services, including the pricing list.


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