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interACTIVE is an online application designed to support health professionals in providing the highest standard of care and feedback to their clients.

As health professionals, our biggest challenge is to activate our clients to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without a clear understanding of where their health and fitness is at, they have little motivation to change. Even those that are already making positive steps will find it difficult to continue without adequate feedback. Unfortunately such feedback is very difficult to provide due to our hectic work schedules. interACTIVE solves this problem.

interACTIVE allows you to easily and efficiently provide your clients with the most concise, comprehensive and meaningful feedback relating to their health. They can access all of this via their personal online portal; a truly interactive experience!

Check out some of the features...

motivAGE Health Assessment

'biological age' provides invaluable insight and motivation when compared to the chronological age.


A comprehensive lifestyle assessment tool that completely renovates your client's life.

Personal Online Portal for each Client

A world of motivation. Your client’s personal online portal provides constant feedback and motivation to help them get in the best shape of their life. It extends your service beyond your face-to-face time, ensuring a more professional and comprehensive service and a more satisfied and healthy client.

New Revenue Stream

By on-selling the interACTIVE portals to your clients, you will gain an extra revenue stream at the same time as delivering a more professional service.


Developed by doctors and fitness professionals, interACTIVE will ensure that all of your assessments, advice, and education materials are based on the most up-to-date medical guidelines.

Custom Branding

interACTIVE can be customised to match your branding needs. Your members will think they are viewing your own online product.

Client Safety

Identify 'high risk' clients and generate medical referrals at a touch of a button. interACTIVE also offers an 'injury management' referral that can be used to access physiotherapy advice to ensure your clients are getting the best possible care.


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